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We are UBoC, a registered environmental charity protecting, planting and restoring trees and forests both in the UK and across the world.

Trees provide a range of benefits to society, often referred to as ecosystem services, such as helping us to manage the issues of climate change, improving air quality, the provision of habitats for wildlife, and benefits for human physical and mental health. Here at UBoC, we see trees as a powerful nature-based solution to help us address many of the contemporary challenges we face as a society.


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Working in partnership with other organisations, UBoC is developing methodologies to better understand the dynamic relationships between trees, natural and urban environments, and people. This covers a range of themes from conversion of conifer plantations to mixed native woods in Cumbria, the value of street trees to the local community and economy, and the area of forest that will be needed to achieve an organisation’s climate goals. UBoC strives to provide a robust scientific underpinning for policy makers, to ensure that our research has real world impact that benefits both the planet and people, on local and global scales.

We are currently supporting PhD students and research activity at the University of Leeds and the University of York.

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