Our research

Research is a core activity for UBoC. We strive to provide robust science for policy makers, to ensure that our research has real world impact. This research feeds into our project work, and is an output, both for UBoC and for our academic partners (LEAF) at the University of Leeds. Find some of our most recent publications below, including research carried out and/or funded by UBoC.

The Benefits of Urban Green Spaces

“A brief guide to the benefits of urban green spaces” is a joint publication from the Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere and Forest (LEAF) centre, UBoC and the Sustainable Cities Group at the University of Leeds, with contributions from Catherine Mercer, Catherine Scott, Kirsty Pringle, Martin Dallimer and Dominick Spracklen.

We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and UBoC.

An assessment of road-verge grass as a feedstock

With 270,000 km of rural roads and motorways in the UK, the majority of which have grass verges. A study with researchers from UBoC (Judith Ford) and the University of Leeds examines the potential for road-verge grass to contribute to the feedstock of anaerobic digesters to generate bioenergy.

Biomass and Bioenergy. Volume 138. July 2020.

Quantifying forest growth uncertainty on carbon payback times

UBoC researchers have published a new paper to estimate the carbon payback periods for biomass fuel use. The work of Will Rolls and Piers Forster follows research by Sterman et al. who developed a simple Dynamic Life Cycle Analysis (DLCA) model, to predict carbon payback periods for a range of forest types in the USA.

Environmental research communications. Volume 2. April 2020.

Loss of carbon stocks in Vietnam attributed to logging

Two papers from researchers at the University of Leeds investigate the loss of carbon stocks in Vietnam attributed to logging, and the relationship between logging and livelihoods.  Research was carried out in the lowland forest area of Khe Nuo Trong, in partnership with the University of York, the World Land Trust and Viet Nature.

Forest Ecology and Management. Volume 460. March 2020.
Environmental Research Letter. Volume 15. June 2020.

Enhancing the benefits of the trees on campus

As part of the Leeds4Trees project we are exploring the value of trees and green spaces across the city of Leeds.  In collaboration with UBoC, the Sustainability Service at the University of Leeds, Leeds City Council, The Woodland Trust, Treeconomics and Forest Research, we carried out an i-Tree survey of the University of Leeds campus, estimating the ecosystem services delivered by 1450 trees.